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Image Credits to Razced Pagoli

Razced Pagoli, the engineer in building his career by utilizing the language of passion as the foundation of his dreams. Long before he embarked on his ambitions of becoming a media practitioner and a Disk Jockey in Bombo Radyo Baguio for nearly two years, he was in a dilemma between the pursuits in deciding which course to take in his college days. Would he rather choose to take up the comparable course of engineering or mass communication?

By his family’s influence, he took the path of civil engineering, because he wanted to pursue the footsteps and be in line with his family’s profession. However, the voice in his heart grew restless after a year and demanded to be heard. Despite his desire to stick with his first choice and complete the course, he knew his heart would not be at ease.

“But only in their dreams can man be truly free. ’Twas always thus, and always thus will be.”- John Keating

From the quotes of Dead Poet Society, Mr. Pagoli found his freedom in following what he truly desires. With the blessing of his supportive parents, he shifted to the 4-year course of Mass Communication. A roller coaster ride filled with series of ups and downs was his experience during college days, from daily productions such as video shoots, broadcasting, and being a theater actor, he becomes versatile and recognizes his strengths and weaknesses. But, despite the difficulties of becoming a communication student, it has paid off for him when everyone does their best and establishes teamwork for the success of every production.

Those experiences are the stepping stones that led him to his current position as a DJ for a well-known radio station in Baguio city. But before that, he demonstrated his commitment to his passion by applying and auditioning for various types of media outlets, including print, television, and radio. Until the stars aligned and the wishes he hoped for came true.

Every milestone in life, however, comes with an obstacle to prove how firmly you clasp on to your dream.

It was September 5, 2020, when Mr. Pagoli encountered the unforgettable challenge he faced as a rookie in Bombo Radyo, that made him doubt his capabilities. At that time, He was assigned to collect police reports from different police stations across Baguio City. Later on, he was appointed to broadcast a rape case during that time. Under all of the pressure and anxiety within him, he inadvertently revealed the victim’s name in a live segment of the radio. Due to the violations he had committed, he faced charges of Cyber Prevention Crime with a fine of 300,000 pesos and conditions to hold a public apology.

Image Credits to Razced Pagoli

Fortunately, he was not forsaken, through the power of prayer and his faith in God. The case was dismissed in March 2021, and the court’s decision stated that he is not guilty, with corresponding to resolution, that there’s no motive to defame the victim.

According to him, the words cautious, unbiased, and accurate are significant and must be kept in mind when entering the field of journalism. Mr. Pagoli maintained his integrity and continued to sail his course in the field, despite the fact that the boat became unstable during those times. It was through the difficulties that he became more aware and improved his skills by learning from his previous mistakes. Such encounters, he claims, were not a source of remorse but rather valuable lessons that strengthened him.

When asked how he evaluates success, he burst out laughing and let out a brief sigh, as if relieved from his previous experiences. For him, success isn’t measured by a long list of accomplishments or the fulfillment of aspirations and goals.

“Ang pagiging successful ay yung naiambag mo sa iyong lipunan — naiambag mo sa iyong pamilya — naiambag mo sa mamamayan.”

This is how he appraises success because he understands that his first obligation as a public servant and a journalist is to tell the truth to the people. It is also necessary for him to strive for higher peaks and greener pastures because opportunities will always wait for us to shine.

As a piece of advice to the next generation of media practitioners, he quoted one of the unforgettable take away from his professor Mrs. Janet Tibaldo, “Napakahalaga ng EQ — Emotional Quotient, wag lang Intelligence Quotient — dapat balance yan.”

Mr. Razced Pagoli, a versatile, dedicated, and passionate knight of mass media, he truly is a jack of all trades.



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