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2 min readApr 20, 2022

To dream is to believe…

….but these periods of despair make it difficult to cling on the possibility of a dream come true. Becoming vulnerable with the thought that everything is too late or all of your fascinations are just mere illusions. Should I just give it all up or is it still worth fighting for? Fighting for your ambition is always the best thing to do and three out of million list of reasons why is due to sense of direction, becoming an inspiration and achieving happiness.

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First on the list is the sense of direction. It rescues us from the anxiety once we
face the unknown. It keeps the engine running, so we can pass through rough roads. The reason why life is worth living is that we know which track we should take.

Another reason is to be an inspiration to others. First-hand experience is no
doubt credible. Your reliability is already verified and can be a reference to those having the same problems. It’s also an additional fuel to the flames of eager people who want to attain the honor you have brought home.

Finally, you can now be happy because the difficult stage of your tricky game is over. You have reached the finish line by taking the right directions. You have fulfilled your lifetime promise and finally found your purpose.

To dream is to believe, whatever nightmare you’ve been through, always chose to wake up and get up. So, keep in mind the reasons listed above or simply make your own reminders on how to stay committed to your goals.



Via Alyssa Fronda

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