She used to be an architecture student but without any ounce of regret about changing her decision because it fueled her passion to do what her heart truly desires. Hundreds of compositions overflowed and preserved inside her journals after a year in architecture, which consisted of aggravation and tension encountered from the undesired course. It was then that she realized that this wasn't her calling. In high school, she received a lot of recognition for her role-playing talents. She become delighted in tasks such as writing stories, poems, or producing short films and plays for theater, She soon realized that the invigorating sensation within might be interpreted as a set of abilities, and not just a temporary enthusiasm or hobby.

Despite the fact that she has no idea what her future holds, she hopes to work in a film production company, an advertising agency, or perhaps the field of journalism. She knew she had a lot of potential, all she needed to do now was figure out where she was supposed to be — one niche at a time for she stands to her mantra that "whatever happens, happens, but dreams don't work until you do."

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